Deadline May 28, 2020


MAY 30, 2020, 6 PM

MAAM/Media Art And More

About the project

Pandemic Art

Let's turn the viral pandemic into an art pandemic! Open call addressed to all creators, visual artists, musicians, writers, curators ..., to express their artistic presence by defining points of light on the world map, which should include a representation of their art (an image, a video, a music, text, etc.) and an online platform where they can be seen. Our cohesion can be a manifesto through which we claim the world through art, after this crisis that has affected us regardless of the artistic genre in which we operate!

Obviously, technology reveals to us, almost in an aesthetic dimension, the statistics of the global spread of the virus. This fact led me to think that we could convert the map of the viral pandemic with the same means. Thus, the ArcGIS platform that mapped the evolution of COVID19 will become a database for accumulating our contributions. The result of this collaboration will consist of a digital art installation that will allow viewers to access a reality located beyond the limits of classical artistic language or the notion of art gallery, but also beyond geographical boundaries, where artists everywhere express their fragments of truth.

Pandemic Art is part of a series of telematic art projects that will be launched by the Tehnoarte platform to challenge artists to generate multimedia content that can be disseminated on the telecommunication scale, in order to activate the public and insert the artistic process at the level of contemporary art networks. (Aura Bălănescu, May 8, 2020).


Deadline 28 MaI, 2020

Evenimentul de lansare TEHNOARTE, 30 Mai, 2020, ora 6 PM, artist-run space MAAM/Media Art And More, Timișoara România


Deadline May 28, 2020

TEHNOARTE launch event, May 30, 2020, 6 PM, artist-run space MAAM/Media Art And More, Timișoara, Romania

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